Top 5 Most INTENSE moments in gaming

You know what I love more than anything in gaming? That moment when your heart starts pumping at twice the normal rate. That moment where your jaw hits the floor and you just can’t help but  be amazed and when everything ends you’re just like “woah…that was epic.” These moments are the reason I play games. (And totally not because I have no life >_>) These moments can best be summed up with one word, intense!  These are my personal top 5 most intense moments in gaming.

**NOTE** These are my opinions from my repertoire of gaming experience. There may very well be more intense moments in games I never played. I encourage you to comment any of your experiences for us to read. 🙂

**WARNING** spoilers for games lie ahead, continue at your own risk.

5. Sonic Adventure 2 First Level


Sonic Adventure 2 is arguably the Sonic Teams magnum opus. The storyline is great, they introduce Shadow as the series’ best anti-Sonic, and the level design is great. The game also starts you off with an incredible first level, in which you are sledding on a metal door down a busy street downhill. You find yourself doing sick ramps then dodging vehicles on a busy street. Even when you get rid of the skateboard the action continues. You find Sonic sliding down rails, bouncing on robots, and doing crazy acrobatics. All these crazy antics eventually culminate in a race between you and a gigantic truck that fills the entire street as you run towards the camera.

                                                                                                        Sonic_Adventure_2_Battle“But what if we have to turn?”

“Then the buildings better GET OUTTA THE WAY!”

This level also contains my absolute favorite song ever attached to a Sonic game, which is a very illustrious title considering Sonic Team’s habit of using amazing music on every game. These all help create the perfect embodiment of what Sonic should be. It is fast-paced, full of adrenaline, and it makes the player want to yell out loud in the excitement. I love that they made this the first level in the game, because the first impression is one of the two biggest parts of a game to me.

4. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder


The second of these two parts is the end of the game. This may be even more important than the first impression, because the ending is the reward for all the work put into beating the game. And not many games require the amount of hard work that Dark Souls does. Most players find that the game throws them against enemies that require a decent mix of luck, skill, and persistence to beat. My first (relatively)few runs through the game consisted of me constantly asking myself “Does this work? Okay, I died, let’s try…no?”. The final boss is no different. By the time you’ve finished battling humongous wolves and flaming spider-women the player realizes that two or three deaths will be required just to figure out how the boss works and a strategy that might finish the battle. Of course, when you’re fighting an ancient deity with a flaming greatsword it can be difficult trying to formulate a plan to not get sliced in half.


“What do you mean, ‘compensating’?!”

The battle is fierce, every time I play it I know that if I dodge just a split second off I will most likely have to start from the beginning. The battle is made incredibly difficult by the fact that he can break your block in very few swings, and every even the attacks you block still deal a bit of fire damage past your shield. However, I enjoy the way the fight is set up, it’s no gigantic demon with a hammer you can’t let touch you, it isn’t a magic-firing coward, and it’s no tree that kills you in the most bull-crap ways possible, (seriously, whoever programmed the bed of chaos deserves to be given to Jigsaw.) It is simply a brutal, sweaty battle between two swordsmen. (or whatever you choose to wield.)  It may not be the most complex fight of the game, but sometimes simplicity is most effective.

3.  Kingdom Hearts II Final Battle(s)


However, complexity certainly has its perks. One such perk is the amazing ending to Kingdom Hearts II, which I consider to be the greatest game I have ever played. In the final battle the fights range from slicing through buildings, to blowing up a space station, to slaying a mech-dragon. (dracomech?) The soundtrack plays a huge role in this, being fast-paced in one fight, eerily ethereal in the next, and always fitting the fight spectacularly. Each fight is interspersed with easy quick time events that are implemented masterfully, never being required but being very advantageous and giving brilliant eye candy.  The graphics are amazing, I feel more enthralled with watching this (on PS2) than anything I have yet seen for the 8th gen consoles. Then the final battle arrives in the form of the greatest swordfight ever witnessed. You and your best friend team up to beat a man with energy swords. (basically lightsabers.) The two of you attack in tandem, trying not to die as he brings out different magic attacks that you have to try to dodge or reflect if you want to finish the battle.


“Y’know, this attack is pretty cool, but I think it needs more lasers.”

This fight can take thirty minutes to an hour, but I still end up on the edge of my seat every second I play it. This may only be the third most intense moment in gaming, but it is the most well crafted battle on this list. The final showdown is everything one could ask for the end of such an amazing game, and I find myself repeating this battle quite often just to experience the thrill again.  The only thing that could make this better would be if the game finished with pinning the boss to the wall and decapitating him with his lightsabers…but that might be a bit too adult for a Disney game.

2. OoT Ganon

Ganon Castle08--article_image

Oh boy…I know I’m about to take a lashing for not listing this as the greatest game on the list. I’m sorry, but it has to take second place. Anyway, to the select few who have never played this boss battle (looking at YOU Matt) it is pretty epic. It’s a simple two stage fight. First you play a nice game of lightning volleyball. Then when he gets angry he breaks the floor beneath your feet. When he’s down you jump over to him and slice him up a bit. Repeat. After doing this a few times he decides to bring down the entire castle on your heads. After you escape you can finally sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Now as you look back at the castle all that is left is a giant pile of rubble. What was once a mighty stronghold now lays in ruins, and all that remains of your old foe..



Is a terrifying gigantic beast with two swords as big as YOU. This enemy is extremely tall, so much so that when you look at his face all you can see is the shadow he casts on you. He gives a loud roar and begins to move toward you, and you go to attack him, only to have your sword knocked out of your hand and thrown out of the battlefield. I know I said these moments should get your heart pumping, but this is as likely to stop it altogether. This enemy is absolutely terrifying to look at, and the fight is even worse. This is easily the part of the game most likely to kill you, but if you keep picking yourself back up you will eventually kill him, and claim your victory.  There are few feelings that can match standing in the ruins of what was five minutes ago a giant castle and plunging your blade into the skull of a foe large enough to stomp you like a bug…

1. Metal gear Rising Revengeance first level.


Except maybe throwing that enemy.

No, seriously. After playing MGR for about five minutes you end up face to face with one of the titular Metal Gears; nuclear robots large enough to jump over/through a skyscraper. Before I say anything else, the soundtrack for this battle is AMAZING~.

That song is playing in the background of the entire fight, and it is only one of the many things that make this battle an adrenaline fueled battle of epic proportions. While you listen to this you find yourself dashing at the speed of a motorcycle, dodging past gigantic plasma beams, deflecting stomps with your word, and shredding your opponents armor like warm cheese. You have to slash bullets in half, block full body tackles, and when it gets down to 0.01% health the REAL fun begins. The robot jumps over to you, bringing his sword/arm down on your head and you block it with your own sword as the chorus to the song kicks in. It tries to attack you with the arm again only for you to CATCH the arm in between your hands.You see your character strain with effort, electricity shooting from his cybernetic body, and the Metal Gear’s feet come off the ground.

wmplayer 2014-03-23 06-20-43-59

“My planet needs me!”

You toss this robot like a baseball, then jump onto its outstretched arm.You see your sword drawn once more as you run up the arm, slicing back and forth until you jump off and cleave the arm clean off. The robot falls to the ground in the background as you put the sword away and continue the mission…Just to meet the robot five minutes later. Apparently these things were built to withstand losing 33% of their body without flinching. The song begins again and you find yourself jumping over bite attacks, sliding under plasma beams, and slicing missiles in half. Eventually your opponent has enough of getting stabbed in the face, and decides to launch a massive volley of missiles from a distance. Confronted with a wall of high explosives flying directly at you at high speeds you do the only logical thing: you play hopscotch with them. Now you find yourself jumping from one missile to the next, ninja-ing your way back to the robot and cutting off its other arm. Your opponent drops to the ground and you land directly in front of it, standing mockingly close to it. At this point, what can it do with no arms?

wmplayer 2014-03-23 06-23-52-01

“Just a flesh wound!”

Apparently anything but die. I suppose not having blood or nerves can be useful from time to time. Now you find yourself thrown into a stone clock tower with enough force to break the top off, and you begin sprinting down the side of the building. After a few more missiles and plasma beams successfully dodged you find yourself standing on the giant robot’s head. You plunge your sword into the skull, and run down the back to cut him completely in half from nose to tail. It may have been more efficient to do that from the beginning, but in this case fun beats logic by a country mile.

Those are my Top 5 most INTENSE moments in gaming. Let me know in your comments what you guys think! This is my first blog post, so I encourage you guys to tell me what you did and did not like about this, and I will try to keep it in mind for future posts! Also, let me know what else I could write about since I have no real ideas at the moment 😛 I will try to update about once every two weeks, but for now I can’t promise any regularity. If you want to check out other stuff I do, check out my Youtube channel!

Also, big, big, BIG shoutout to my friend Matt who writes over at Gamersphere, without him as an inspiration I never even would have thought to write this article.

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